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Anthony Gray
World Renowned English Artist



   The paintings of ANTHONY GRAY give us a glimpse into ourselves with images of past events and the artist’s search for inner spiritual logic combined with geometrics. A modern conception of old and new ideas where the inner viewpoint is paramount without neglecting contemporary issues.
From exhibiting early surreal works in Holland and Germany the artists’ recent Works continue to evolve using energy representing lines with the art of placement Making the paintings powerful statements of out inner selves. 
   In 1987, Anthony Gray was made a honorary citizen of Palm Springs for his artistic achievements working on a project with the artists Agam and Leroy Neiman. His works have been exhibited widely throughout the USA and Europe.  
  Anthony Gray is currently working on a new series of paintings and three dimensional Works and shortly will be releasing prints of his works, which will be available on our Website. We can arrange for the artist to produce large installation works as well as large size paintings for major Corporation. He has worked in the past with architects both in the UK and the USA.


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"Oncoming Storm"


"Liberated Desires No.1"



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